About Tibet

Tibet is located in China and it border with the northern border of Nepal. Tibet is probably the best destination for those travelers looking for the ancient Buddhist culture, life style, religion and the different taste of the natural heritage including Himalaya, adventure experience in the high plateau.

Tibet has a very popular pilgrimage site of the Hindus which named Kailash, Kailash is known as heaven, where lord Shiva of Hinduism live.  The Tibet offers numerous ancient Buddhist monasteries belong to different sects of the Buddhism and the monasteries, Shrines and Gumpas are the major attraction for the tourism in Tibet. Thousands of visitors visit Tibet every year to explore Tibet. Many of them are pilgrims who travel Tibet to pay homage to their respected God Shiva and many of others visit Tibet and Lhasa to experience its culture, lifestyle of people, monuments, palaces and we have found that all of them are enjoying in Tibet.

The Tibet was opened for tourists only in 1985 AD. Since then, it has become one of the popular tour destination for the people around the globe. We Outfitter Nepal have also started to operate travel package to Tibet as we are based in Kathmandu (the Capital of Nepal), Nepal Kathmandu is the best way to enter Tibet and travel in Tibet, and you can find more Tibet Travel Information on Tibet Travel Guide page.