About the peak climbing in Nepal

Nepal is a top notch destination for Peak climbing and Mountain expedition with over 600 climbing and expeditions each year to Everest & other peaks resulting from an increasing popularity in attempting the big mountains along with the recent opening of new peaks in Nepal.

Among the 14 highest peaks in the world above 8000m, eight of these mountains are in Nepal, Nepal is a country well known for its gargantuan massifs & equally challenging trekking peaks, among them Mt. Everest…the ‘Peak of all Peaks’. There are countless mountain peaks in Nepal, of which there are over 326 now opened to ardent trekkers & climbers who have a deep love for the great wild.

Some of the most challenging ventures in the world are found in this Himalayan country, Nepal. Of course, mountains are found in other countries too, however, the Nepalese Himalayas give you more choices to suit your needs, skills & experience…& this is not found in other parts of the world.

The peak climbing and expeditions in Nepal right away became a zealous adventure treat for mountaineers after the country first opened its doors to climbers’ way back in 1949 AD. Though the attempts to climb mountains started from the early years of the 20th century, no one had been able to claim triumph over it until 1953 when Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa set their first ever foot on the summit of Mt. Everest.

Soon after the pair’s first historical mountaineering victory, the appeal of mountaineering grew manifold luring thousands of mountaineers from all around the world to scale various Himalayan heights. Despite all the hardship of mountaineering, adventurers have been fighting their way through the summit in hopes of making their dream of adventure come true.

Gleaming like a silver majestic fortress, the Himalayan mountain range of Nepal boasts of having eight of the world’s highest fourteen peaks over 8000m, including the highest of them all, Mt. Everest and numerous others trekking peaks between 5000m and 6500m. Equipped with top notch mountaineering equipment, & a highly experienced team of Sherpa climbers, ‘Outfitter Nepal’ has led a Number of Himalaya Peak climbing and expeditions to 6500 meter peaks, the Nepal mountaineering Association {NMA} gives permission to climb mountains below 6500 meter whereas the mountaineering section of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation issues permission to climb mountains above 6500 meter.

Outfitter Nepal Treks and Expedition P. Ltd. has worked hard to create its own niche among the biggest in Nepal for organizing various  peak climbing which include trekking, peak climbing and mountaineering far & wide in Nepal. We always operate with a group of 2-12 people for peak climbing in Nepal where it’s always most convenient if you wish to travel in groups which creates togetherness & good camaraderie. We also operate for those who wish to go solo or small group as per individual choices, among the trekking peaks -Island peak, Mera peak, Lobuche peak, Pisang peak and Chulu west peak are truly famous for the joys of trekking & summiting.

The peak climbing and expedition itineraries in OUTFITTER NEPAL are carefully designed & planned by experienced climbers who’ve summated on most peaks exceeding 6000m & have trekked the length & breadth of the Himalayas. Therefore, it’s always wise & critical to make sure you choose the right people who don’t only have the experience but also love what they do…escorting groups through real adventure territory of the wildest kind and we are a trustworthy company that doesn’t only ensure you enjoy the thrills of the wild but also makes doubly sure you are safe throughout the course of your trip.

Find some of the most popular peak climbing adventure in Nepal and do let us know if any if you want to climb any other peaks in Nepal that are in our short list.