About multi-country tours

Multi Country tours covers the Himalayan country of Asia that includes Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India. The multi countries tour is the best way to explore all these Himalayan country in single tours. You can visit all these multi country in your single package tour.

Multi country tours mostly starts in Nepal and end in Nepal as we are based in Nepal. Located in same continent, it is easier to plan and visit those country in single tour by taking cross country tours. Nepal has overland border to Tibet and India so, you can even do the overland tours to Tibet and India from Nepal, furthermore, and there are regular scheduled flights from Kathmandu to Tibet (Lhasa), Kathmandu to Bhutan (Paro) and Kathmandu to many cities of India. So, it is not difficult to do the multi-country tour from Nepal.  

The Multi country tour is the best way to explore the natural beauty of Nepal, Cultural heritage of Nepal, Nature & culture of Tibet, Nature and Culture of Bhutan and the huge natural and cultural heritage of India. Outfitter Nepal Treks and Expedition has extended its travel services to these neighbor country of Nepal.

The multi-country tours includes Nepal-Tibet Tour, Nepal-Bhutan Tour, Nepal-Tibet-Bhutan Tour, Nepal-India Tour, Nepal-India (Darjeeling)-Bhutan Tour. So, look at our multi-country tour packages and select the suitable for you and inquiry us if none of them are suitable for you then we are always happy to tailor-make and customize tours for you as per your requirements.