About family holidays in Nepal

Family holidays in Nepal is best way to explore Nepal with your family members and children. Nepal offers some of the great tourism destinations that is best for the families and children. If you are thinking where to take your children for your next vacation then Nepal is the perfect destination.

Family Holidays are available in many of the tourism destinations of Nepal including Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan national park, Bardia National park, Lumbini, Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, Bandipur and you can even take some of the small treks with your family. There are small and shorts trekking available in Nepal for the family with the children. The tourism activities like hikes, sightseeing, jungle walk, elephant ride, Jeep drive etc are the best enjoyed by your children.

Family holidays in Nepal offer great opportunities to you and your children to know and learn about the cultural heritage of Nepal, the life style of people, flora and fauna, geography, mountains, Landscapes, adventure activities and many more. So, we invite you to make your next family holidays to Nepal and we are always ready to arrange your family vacation in Nepal and our expert guide and crew will take good care of you and the children to enjoy your family vacation in Nepal to the fullest.

Family Holidays in Nepal can be tailored as per your date, time and requirement of your children, We at Outfitter Nepal have some family holidays package to show you the example of the family holidays in Nepal so, select one of them if any of them are suitable for you and inquiry us always if they are not suitable for your children then we can instantly tailor suitable family package for you.